Importance of balanced diet in a body builders life

There is a huge importance of balanced diet in a bodybuilder’s life. Without the proper nutrition and diet and supplementations, you will see very limited gain and one could possibly quit. Furthermore, your body needs sufficient amounts of energy and a lot of raw materials. Scientists have divided the major food groups, known as macronutrients. The most important being protein, carbohydrates and fats, but also, you need to pay attention to minerals, vitamins and water. Therefore, this article outlines a bit on the role of each of these in our bodies and why a balanced diet is important.


Proteins are known as the ‘bodybuilders’, as this is what muscles are made of. Additionally, you need a lot of protein intake to grow body mass. Protein builds, repairs and maintains your muscle. As everyone knows, meat is the most common way of having protein. Other ways of having protein is through: fish, eggs, cheese, tofu, soy, beans, lentils, yoghurt, nuts and seeds. Moreover, your body needs a good mix of proteins to get all the amino acids needed for the proper muscle building. Another good source of protein is whey protein shakes. It is a concentrated source of protein that has a lot of muscle-building power without loading you up with excess calories. This is best before and after an intense workout.

However, something to be noted is that do not overdo your protein intake! It can be more hazardous to you as it would affect your kidneys and liver.


They are known as the ‘jet fuel for your body’. This is usually seen as a ‘bad’ food group for those of you who are trying to loose weight. However, this is one of the essential foods that fuel all of our key body processes. Nonetheless, it should be taken in restricted amounts! Carbohydrates not only provide energy, but also keep our lungs moving, our hearts beating among other things. They are essential to the chemical reactions that build muscle. In our diet, this can be in the form of sugars, starches and cellulose found in fruits, cereals, vegetables and potatoes.


Fats are known to store energy and essential to our metabolism. However, not every fat is qualified as ‘good fat’. You need consume the right amount to stay in shape. The ‘bad’ fats include saturated fats that are found in animal and dairy products, which can lead to high cholesterol level. On the other hand, the ‘good’ fats are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. They lower our cholesterol levels and are found in: nuts, avocadoes and olive oil.

Minerals and vitamins

Minerals and vitamins are just as important as the abovementioned. The full range of minerals includes: calcium, chloride, iodine, manganese, potassium, phosphorous, sodium and zinc. The full range of vitamins include: Vitamin C, A, D, E, K.

Knowing the importance of a balanced diet and having the optimum amount of all these food groups would keep you on the right track towards having more gains from your intense workouts.

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