The Best Push Up Workout for a Ripped Core!

There are several ways to use proper push up form. However, there are only a few exercises that target your chest and abs. The article relates to the best push up workout guaranteed to boost up those abs so you can show them off to the rest of the world!

The important thing to note here is that you should do as many reps as possible, taking very shorts rests between each, not lasting more than a minute or two.

Wide Grip Push up

Here, go into a plank position and make sure your arms are wide a part. Keep your body straight and with your toes and hands support your body weight and push yourself up and down allowing your elbows to flex.

V Ups

This one’s totally on point, making this the best push up workout of all times. It helps strengthen both the lower abdominal muscles and the upper ones simultaneously. It also works up the lower back muscles and helps to tighten your thighs.

Medium Grip Push Ups

Similar to wide grip push ups. However, make sure your arms and leg aren’t too far a part and you’re good to go!

Reverse Crunch

This one isn’t just targeted for one muscle. In fact it gels in well with this best push up workout to affect not only your back muscles but your hip and spine as well. Great for your entire back! Bring your knees to your chest to protect that back and start a range of motion to create tension in your abdominal muscles to build up on those abs. Too good to be true, isn’t it?

Close Grip Push Up

How can you not say this is the best push up workout of all times? It requires a number of variations of push ups and all kinds of exercises between them. The close grip push up strengthens your chest more and works up those abs too!


This isn’t as relaxing as it seems but really helps your leg and abdominal muscles. So what’s the wait? Build up those abs and tighten up your chest with the best push up workout of all times!

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