Casein Protein; Do We Really Need It Before Going To Sleep?

Casein protein is a similar substance to whey protein. In fact, both are derived from milk. This article relates why one should consume casein protein before going to sleep. However, this type of protein has other uses as well, ranging from being used in plastics, fiber and glue to cheese making. This is even a great treatment for autism.  Definitely better than alternatives that cause problems in behavior and cognitive functioning. However, make sure you’re not allergic to milk or you could be certain this is won’t work as planned.

One of the reasons casein protein is best for body builders is because it aids in muscle development providing one with the appropriate strength needed for a hectic workout session.

However, one of the main questions here is why should one have this before sleeping? Some time after a workout, your body enters a phase for rapid muscle development known as protein synthesis. This phase is also one of catabolism i.e. muscle breakdown. During this phase, it’s best to consume casein and whey protein to help boost the protein synthesis process and enable healthy and rapid muscle building. Most body builders aren’t afraid to consume this right after a workout too.

Protein synthesis requires a bit more of your regular intake of protein. Hence, consumption of casein protein, comprising these amino acids, helps in muscle building throughout the day!

However, several studies show that muscle protein synthesis rates are particularly low during sleep. In order to speed up this process and build up that muscle mass, don’t be afraid to consume some casein protein right before you go to sleep. An even better strategy for muscle building and recovery is to ingest at least 40 grams of high quality micellar casein or a sustained release protein blend right before bed time. This will definitely enable healthy development of muscles and help you sleep like a baby!

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