Leg Day Workout: The Ultimate Guide for Enhancing those Leg Muscles

What if I told you thicker quads weren’t that hard to get? All you need is a hardcore leg day workout. For many, this may not seem that hardcore but if you’re a beginner, this guideline to a good leg day workout is sure to fit your criteria.

Leg Mass

Who says taking baby steps is the best? There’s no harm in going directly for those hefty weights. Challenge yourself with all kinds of crazy mass building exercises Barbell squat, leg press and leg extensions are all sure to making your leg day workout worthwhile. Just remember not to overexert.

The Optimal Size

Try some multi joint exercises to make sure your legs are defined and in shape. You gotta look good to feel good, don’t you? Do some lying leg curls, barbell reverse lunge and again, leg extensions and you’re good to go! Try to have heavy weights initially and move onto lighter ones.

Squats for a Leg day Workout

Squatting isn’t much of a challenge. Learn to master this and go on to lifting heavy weights as you do this. Don’t forget, practice makes perfect!

Squats, Squats and more Squats

Emphasize and define those quads. Maximize the range of motion more around the hip. Front barbell squat and hack squat will make your leg day workout surely rewarding.

Glutes and Hamstrings

No more squats guys. Going down to the knee joints is the main aim here. Take a break from these and go do some Leg press and Deadlift. This is great for those Hamstrings too but make sure to add some leg curl to your leg day workout. Especially to enhance that hip joint as well.

Work up those glutes

Start with some single joint exercises to exhaust your quads for the leg day workout. Then go on to working those glutes and hams to the full for some hardcore multi joint exercises. Follow these steps and you’re guaranteed to have that great leg muscle mass in just a matter of days!

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