Creatine in tablet or powder form? What’s the best way to take Creatine?

To boost up athletic performances, Creatine is often employed as a supplement. Despite the fact that body already produces 2 milligrams of Creatine each day, bodybuilders need an additional supply, which must be administered externally. Creatine is available on the market in both tablet and powder form. One must take great care to ensure that the supplement reaches its highest productivity level. For example in order to increase muscle mass, a 2001 study published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism stated that taking Creatine with whey protein helped improve lean body muscle mass.

When it comes to the choice of either powder or tablets as a Creatine source, here is a list of all the pros and cons that come with each of them. As compared to powder form, capsules are much more convenient to consume, and takes the least amount of hassle since the procedure is a lot less messier. Secondly, these pills do not leave an unpleasant aftertaste. They are also easy to carry and can be taken anywhere including the gym, where its use is more recommendable or even the workplace as a matter of fact. They can be easily used even when one is on the go. These advantages actually ensure that the consumers take their Creatine regularly.

However, capsules are much more expensive. Considering that only the loading process requires almost at least sixteen pills each day makes it a choice difficult to take, especially among people with a tighter budget. Secondly pills take longer to get absorbed into the bloodstream and hence to manifest its effects. Thirdly since, the dose per capsule is rather small, users must take a lot of them to complete their requirement for the day.

In comparison to this, Creatine powder form is less expensive. As the size of the container increases, the cost decreases. They are used widely by bodybuilders and athletes because they can be easily mixed with other supplements or substances to be consumed during workout hours. Since insulin increases the absorption rate of Creatine, the supplement must be taken along with something sweet for example juices but its essential.

One the other hand, the negative aspects of using Creatine Powder include; a bad aftertaste. Since it needs to be mixed into some form of liquid in order to be administered, it must be taken with the ones in which it dissolves. However, for certain types of liquids, its solubility decreases. It does not dissolve in water either and tends to form huge lumps, which are rather tedious to swallow. In this way, it becomes relatively difficult to get this substance into the human system.


Despite all pros and cons, if either of the Creatine sources are used regularly and adequately, with special regard to time and suitable doses, the results will eventually be almost similar and would contribute in increasing the general stamina and the muscle mass of the consumer. I personally prefer Creatine powder in case you were wondering.

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