Do you really need to load on Creatine HCL?

Many claim that if you load Creatine HCL from the start of your dosing it’ll work much better but how true is this statement?

Recently, Creatine is a supplement that is high in demand in the market. It is known for building lean mass, maximizing performance and growing strength. Lately Creatine HCL is relentlessly known as a performance enhancing supplement. Also, it is now researched to be better than its counterpart, Creatine Monohydrate. This is because of its small dosage requirement as compared to Creatine Monohydrate. Also, it has higher water solubility than the other forms of Creatine supplements.

In terms of consuming Creatine HCL, the loading phase differs from a normal dosage. A typical loading phase consists of seven to ten days of higher dosage required before returning to the recommended dose. By doing a loading phase, it makes the Creatine supplementation more productive from the beginning.

load creatine hcl

According to Dr. Roussell, a consultant and expert contributor to various health and fitness publications, loading supersaturates your muscle Creatine stores. You could also ignore the whole loading phase of supplements, but then, it would take much longer to reach the highest efficiency of Creatine HCL.

If you want to load Creatine HCL, it is recommended that you start with five grams taken five times a day for the first week. After that first week, you can go down to a maintenance phase where you will lower your doses than normal to keep the levels where they are. Five times a day is a lot therefore you should spread out your doses over the entire day.

load creatine hcl

You should take them with a meal, which includes carbohydrates, as insulin helps to transport Creatine to muscle cells. Another side note to consider is that through Creatine supplements, it lowers your body water content. So if you are loading, make sure to drink lots of water. Otherwise, if you feel this is too much supplements at one time, you could also use a lower dose of about ten grams a day, but then load this over a period of about ten to fourteen days.

If you load Creatine HCL effectively, the benefits might include an increase in strength and muscle size. However there isn’t really a definite answer on if loading works or not, so if you can afford it do it otherwise don’t. Therefore, you do not necessarily need to load Creatine, but if you want quick and effective results, loading might be something to consider if it works for you.

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