Food Chart; How Can It Help Maintain A Balanced Diet?

Trying to lose weight but can’t keep track of your diet? Well, food charts are the thing for you! A food chart is an essential element when it comes to keeping one’s weight and diet in tact. Dietitians all around the world make use of these. This article analyzes some of the uses of a food chart and how it can help to maintain a balanced diet.

A Record Chart


It is a difficult task to track what one consumes on a daily basis. If one is confined in a hospital or a home, the diet of a person may be easy to monitor. However, for a busy household individual it may prove to be a strenuous task. This is where record charts step in. As the name suggests, these help to keep a record of the nutritional intake of a person on a daily basis and hence, makes it easier to alter one’s diet as and when needed.

Uses of a Food Chart


As mentioned earlier, a food chart keeps a track on the daily intake of food and drinks. However, the problem of ‘how’ much is consumed may still remain i.e a bowl of cereal. Such measurements may be difficult to interpret.

In today’s world, memory cannot be relied upon. No one could accurately remember what they ate exactly a week back. In such cases, a food chart becomes a necessary. Such is the case especially when one is trying to lose significant weight. It is a way of organization and monitoring which is a prerequisite in achieving any goal. However, their accuracy might be questioned as several people may not be willing to provide accurate information.

Through a food chart, it may become easy to identify the prevalence of malnutrition. This could be used with weight charts to make an accurate nutritional assessment. These could also be given scores depending on a person’s diet and plans could be made as to retain or alter one’s diet.

However, it may be advised but is not essential for all individuals to be using food charts. However, those suffering from malnutrition should be keeping track of their diet. A food chart is especially needed whenever there is even the slightest of doubt that food intake in insufficient. This may also become essential in case there is a history of poor diet.

Therefore, a food chart may be of great use in keeping track of one’s daily nutritional intake. However, it is only a monitoring tool but does little to provide a solution or plan of action when needed.

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