The Ultimate Guide to Do A Safe Bench Press

Want to have the ripped core for the summer? Then you should really consider doing a bench press. It’s great for the biceps and triceps and not to forget, for your shoulders but it can be pretty dangerous. So up your muscle building game this year but make sure you’re safe with these few tips to improving your bench press!

Bench Press The Right Way

Safety is the main element for focus here. Set the safety pins at the appropriate height it so if you fail to lift up those heavy weights, they fall to it. Then lie on the bench with your feet on the floor and un-rack the bar, lowering it to your mid chest. Finally push it back, keeping your body in tact. Nothing too complicated, is it?

Power Racks

Now that you know the usual way of doing a bench press, make sure you don’t get stuck under the weights. One way of doing this is bench press in the power rack. These have safety pins to catch the bar if you fail to lift all that hefty weight. Set this slightly lower than the bottom position. Make sure you don’t bruise your stomach. Remember, what is most important here is safety!


For extra safety, make sure you have a spotter on you if you bench press in the power rack. This assists you in lifting weight in a safer and more appropriate way. With this, you can keep your shoulders and chest to the back and it also gives you a hand off. You’ll need this a time or two.

Thumb Grip

We all know how dangerous bench press can be. Make sure you hold on to the bar tight. Do not and I mean DO NOT hold this with a thumb less grip. If you fail and the bar slips out of your hand, this could result in severe injury and to an extreme, even kill you! So, straighten your wrists and grab onto the bar tight!

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