Valine; The Various Benefits, Dosage And Side Effects

It is one element that is crucial to the normal growth and healthy development of the body and muscles is the branched amino acid. It is a great mechanism for repairing tissue and regulating blood sugar. Hence, a great energy booster. This article relates to the various benefits of, the appropriate dosage and the side effects of Valine.

Benefits Of Valine

Valine works together with two BCAA’s. These are namely isoleucine and leucine to provide glucose to the muscles in order to retain energy. This is especially during a workout session or any other physical activity.

It’s functions are not only confined to a single organ. It also gets rid of the excess nitrogen present in the liver and transfers it to other organs as and when needed. Hence, it is an effective mechanism for the treatment of gallbladder and liver diseases caused by drug abuse and alcohol. In some cases, it also helps to reduce stress and sleepiness.

It is also a part of the foods that we consume on a daily basis such as meats, dairy products and peanuts etc. However, even then, many suffer from valine deficiency.

Body builders and others who aim to build their stamina are likely to increase their consumption of this amino acid.


Currently, there is no ideal way or amount to be consumed on an average by a single individual. This mainly depends on several factors such as physical size and existing valine levels in the body.

Consequently, less intake of valine may result in Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD). Initially, it seems a rather silly term but results in one’s urine to smell like maple syrup.

On the other hand, a higher intake of Valine causes more than optimal amounts of amonia in the body leading to liver problems, skin crawling sensation and even hallucinations.

Side Effects Of Valine

Despite the number of benefits associated with Valine, it has a number of side effects especially in case of Valine supplements. It may be safe whether injected or taken through the mouth. However, the intake of this should be avoided before an activity that requires coordination as this results in fatigue and loss of coordination.

Abnormally large amounts of this may result in physical retardation and seizures as well. In case it is used with alcohol, use with caution as this may lead to liver diseases. Moreover, it is also not appropriate for diabetic patients and may lower blood sugar levels by increasing the amount of insulin in the body.

Hence, if used with caution, Valine can be an effective way of stimulating energy levels, building muscles and increasing performance.

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