Warm Up Exercises And Their Importance Before Workout

Some people tend not to realize the importance of warming up before a hardcore workout session. However, it is these warm up exercises that increase blood circulation, enable healthy development of muscles and prepare one mentally before a workout session.

The Difference Between Warm up exercises and Stretching

The main difference between these two is that while warming up increases body temperature to prepare one before a workout, stretching is however restricted solely to stretching one’s muscles, as the name suggests.

Warm up, on the other hand, is definitely a better alternative to stretching. In fact, hard core stretching can damage muscle tissue if you haven’t done enough warm up exercises to prepare your body.

Both are however important. In fact, a good workout session starts with warm up exercises, a little bit of stretching and finally, the real deal!


This is similar to letting your car warm up before you take it out on a cold winter morning. Your body needs some preparation and increase in temperature before you put it through some serious workout!

Blood Circulation

When you warm up, you are basically aiming to increase your heart rate. When you do this, your muscles, tendons and ligaments become more flexible and injury can be prevented. This is a good mechanism for the development of muscles and tendons.

Mental Preparation

Any strenuous activity requires mental preparation whether it’s hiking or a crazy workout session. Hence, these warm up exercises, by increasing your body temperature and making your muscles more flexible, prepare you body for what is ahead. A good workout session will definitely comprise of warm up before doing any of those crunches, squats or even running.

However, warm up exercises shouldn’t last for more than half an hour. However, five to 10 minutes is the optimal time needed for a warm up before you go ahead with some crazy tiring exercises.

So, here we have it guys. The importance of warm up exercises. So next time make sure you don’t skip this one!

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